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Six reasons for triathlon training in Canary Islands

Club La Santa, Lanzarote, Canary Islands

The triathlon paradise that is Canary Islands is just waiting to be discovered by anyone looking for new horizons. The Canary Islands archipelago combines the perfect conditions for top-level training and preparation for the elite triathlete in a fabulous setting. There are six main reasons for sportspeople to choose Canary Islands as their next sporting destination.


1.- Climate: “Eternal springtime” is a fitting description for weather conditions in Canary Islands. With an average annual temperature of 24º (22º in winter and 26º in summer), the triathlete can practise running, cycling and swimming outdoors in pleasant weather all year round. It is not unusual that so many sportspeople choose Canary Islands for getting into peak form during the pre-season.


2.- Orography: If anything characterises Canary Islands, it is their special orography with lots of elevation variance and peaks. The option of training at over 2,400 metres—in the case of the island of Tenerife—allows sportspeople to train at high altitudes, improving strength and resistance, by exercising in an environment with a low level of oxygen.  


3.- Ocean: The seawater around the archipelago not only remains at a pleasant temperature all year round, but it is highly beneficial for muscles recovering from intense physical activity. The high concentration of sodium and vitamins in the Canary Islands sea, along with a wealth of nutrients, make it the best place for swimming training. Add that to the detoxicating and relaxing effect of the sea breeze, which is full of mineral salts and negative ions.


4.- Nature: Between volcanoes and spectacular protected nature areas, open-air training in Canary Islands is a real gift for the senses. From sea level to a height of over 2,500 metres, the archipelago provides seven unique sporting scenarios, where the sportsperson can choose from trails dotted with volcanic cones, tracks through the lush vegetation of pine and laurel forests, more arid areas that cross dunes or excellent beaches.


5.- Sports centres: Canary Islands have a wide range of training facilities and accommodation options. High-performance centres have highly-qualified professionals that complement the sports facilities by providing additional services, such as diet advice or recovery training.

            - Tenerife Top Training (Tenerife): With a 330m-long athletics track and one of the longest walks in Europe (16 kilometres) close by, the triathlete can get into peak running form in the best conditions. As regards swimming, the facilities have an Olympic-size pool and another one that is 25 metres long, not to mention the option of training in the open sea, as it is so near. Lastly, T3 collaborates with a cycling company, Free Motion, from which the sportsperson can hire or purchase fully-equipped bikes or any other equipment they may need, and they can even train at different altitudes – of up to 2,400 metres on Mount Teide.

            - Club La Santa (Lanzarote): With a recently refurbished athletics track for the triathlete, there are lots of different routes for practising road running and trail running around the resort. The bike centre has a Pro Peloton workshop that provides a wide range of Cannondale bicycles on an island where there is a lot of cycling, with roads that are well maintained and constantly being renewed. And, if the athlete would like to practise some swimming, they have three Olympic-size pools kept at a constant temperature of 26–27 degrees.


6.- Events: The Canary Islands Triathlon Series is held in Canary Islands every year, with one or several triathlon competitions taking place on each of the islands in the archipelago. But, without a doubt, the most important event on an international level is the Lanzarote IRONMAN—voted the toughest IRONMAN in the world in 2018—with 40 classifying places for the World IRONMAN Championship in Hawaii.

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